Silence and updates and addiction

I know I have been silent for some time now. But if you cannot understand my silence, you will never understand my words 😦 . Well, still I’ll continue. I have been suffering lately. A lot. At first I didn’t know what was happening. It just seemed hazy. I think I was coming down with something. If I didn’t do it, if I didn’t have a regular dose of it, I would feel low. I was getting hooked onto it. I had read it and heard about it that it made you fall into the habit.

Yes guys, its a shame. But am addicted to facebook. I spend around 9-10 hours facebooking! 😛 . It’s difficult not to. It’s so much better than Orkut. Very sleek, very classy, very neat. I feel something is missing if I don’t log in, buy a few friends, send a few mystery seeds, cupcakes, flowers, pet my fluff, fluff’s fluff friends, update my status, set my mood, take a couple of quizzes, among many other things. The different applications are so compulsive that I just cannot seem to stop indulging myself. Someone just petted my Fluff, I need to return the favour now…


2 thoughts on “Silence and updates and addiction

  1. ish

    Woah, you totally scared me!

    Facebook is way better than Orkut, yeah. But I never got addicted to either of them. What’s your name on Facebook?

  2. Maddie Post author

    Ish: I guess my addiction was temporary afterall. But nevertheless and still hooked onto it. I’ll try to search for you on Facebook and send you a friend request.


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