Culinary Art

I know, I know, you all are missing me just too much and my sudden unexpected absence from the blogosphere has put you into the abyss of sadness wondering what has happened to me and whether I have vanished into thin air. Okay, enough of exaggeration, I know anybody would hardly miss me, since anybody rarely visits this blog. But rest assured that I am fine and in the pink of health. Yes, I use the term with a reason. I am cooking!
Although I am still enjoying my role as a housewife, an eternal question haunts me continually, “What should I cook for tomorrow???” Has there been another question so vital? I couldn’t care less whether Sarah Palin is a fit candidate for the VP nominee (she must definitely have a cook at home), or whether the big bang experiment with the Large Hardon Collidor that begins tonight will swallow the earth. If it does, I sure want to have a full stomach to watch the effects. The other act that scares me to death is that I always seem to be making rotis, I wake up in the morning, I make rotis, I sleep in the afternoon, wake up and then make rotis for dinner, it just never ends. You cook for three hours and it is gulped down in less than 30 minutes. Sometimes even lesser.
I can definitely guarantee that dealing with the clients and managing the crisis was way way easier. Given my status as an amateur cook, I oftentimes lack variety in my dishes and the husband is not the kind of person who would eat the same thing twice in a day, so on an average I would need to cook 21-28 different dishes in a week (considering I don’t repeat them even once). Obviously, that doesn’t happen and the husband asks, “wasn’t that what you cooked just a couple of days back?” I am damn sure I would have come up with some sort of technical and practical theory as to what repeating the meals was good for health, if that question was asked by some client. In projects, at least, we have some new problem every day, here, I have the same problem every day, sorry, twice a day.
Thanks for bearing that rant from me. So anyway, you know now what I was up to these days and what I would be doing till next year. When am not cooking or sleeping, I do watch some films on-line, free streaming, yeah am watching pirated stuff. Please do watch the movie, “A Wednesday” if you haven’t watched it yet. It’s brilliant.
Until my next rant then, may your tummies be filled with all the delicious and scrumptious meals!!


2 thoughts on “Culinary Art

  1. Mathi

    I can so totally relate to this feeling of yours! Esp the cooking woes… Join the club sis!
    And btw, drop me a mail of where u are in s’pore… maybe we can meet up!

    one more thing, your blog design makes it load verrrrrry slowly… it’s taking a long time for me to get to the comment page… so i usually just read ur blogs in my reader and leave it at that… do see if u can do something about it..

  2. Maddie Post author

    Hi Mathi: Had been away from the PC for too long, hence the late reply. Will drop you a mail and surely we can meet. I have also changed the design of my blog, hope you are able to view it now.


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