The silent friends

One of the features that distinguishes my close friends from good friends is our ability to be comfortable with each other, even without having to think about it. It’s the ability to be anywhere, doing anything and still being the same when we are not doing anything. Confusing? This is important because this means that I have reached that next level of friendship with my closest friends – the silent friendship.

Such a friendship is an indication that we are so comfortable in each others company, or even when we are apart, that we no longer feel the need to fill any kind of void. In this friendship, I don’t need to talk to the person or interact in any way. We can just be comfortable, and happy, being in the same room together and enjoying each other’s company. I have spent some wonderful times with my silent friends. On the top of mountains, in restaurants, parks, corridors, just being around them in our homes.

These friendships don’t come along often and you could hardly have even five people with whom you can be so comfortable with. It doesn’t mean that I spend the entire time not saying anything but just that we are comfortable enough that we can be silent when we need to.

It’s not like you are silent because you have nothing left to talk about anymore. But sometimes it’s the silence that is fulfilling and more satisfying than having a conversation. The deepest of feelings can be communicated in such a silence – be it pain, happiness, love, compassion, anger, empathy. It’s the joy in knowing that the other person understands even when you don’t say a single word. Although it’s less fun, this silence means more and leaves us with a feeling of fulfillment and completeness.


2 thoughts on “The silent friends

  1. ish

    I know. Even I do that with my friends sometimes. We just sit somewhere and don’t say a word but still we understand what the other is thinking.


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