Truth is stranger than fiction

Change is the operative word in this American election. Many of us hunger for change, but it depends on what your definition of “change” is. It is becoming harder to distinguish fantasy from reality. There’s a buzz in the blogger world that seventeen year old Bristol Palin is in fact the mother of Trig, the baby rumoured to have been born to Sarah Palin, the most misanthropic Vice Presidential appointment in recent history. A statement has now been released by her family that her daughter is NOW pregnant, that is, too pregnant to have been Trig’s mother unless she has the same genes of her over-achieving mother. (sorry, that was too sarcastic). The governor said that her daughter will marry the baby’s father, and that they both will have the entire family’s support since they are now about to embark on a difficult path.

This raises the question about Palin’s values as a mother and as a potential choice for a VP. There have been mix responses from the public, some say it’s a perfectly normal American family. There are many websites and blogs talking about Palin’s past. There’s another controversy going around. Palin’s husband, Todd Palin was arrested for drunk driving some months ago.

Perhaps this announcement comes as an incentive to avoid a political nightmare by the republican party, since this might very well ruin Sarah’s chances at the white house. Barack Obama stated that people’s families should off limits and that he has no relevance to her potential as a VP. Having a baby and getting married are the two biggest decisions a teen could make. It cannot remain a private matter in this case, specially when the parents are public figure and ironically the political party to which Sarah belongs, stresses on traditional views.

Apparently, McCain knew about this and he still chose Palin as the VP! Now, they have to deal with a hurricane outside their convention and one inside too.


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