Maid in Singapore

There are many similarities in me and the working woman here in Singapore.  We mostly do the same tasks. The course of the job is almost uncannily same and sometimes I wonder if I am just a shadow of the working woman here.

You see, we both have to work at home. Our jobs begin very early in the morning. We both enter the kitchen, cook food, clean the house, wash clothes (using the machine of course), than hang out the laundry to dry. We then again cook in the afternoon if required, complete the other chores such as dusting, mopping, ironing the dried out laundry.

The tasks that are not common between the working woman and me are taking care of kids, taking them to school, bringing them back from school, playing with them, feeding them if they are small and putting them to sleep. Well this difference is because the other woman has got kids at her place and I don’t. Not that am complaining. I have got enough on my plate as it is.

Now you must be wondering, why am I referring to her as the working woman when I am at home all the time and these tasks are nothing but household chores. Well, because she is the Maid in Singapore.

The Maid in Singapore – she is the working woman, employed to assist the working woman 🙂 This maid will do all your household chores from dusting to cooking to taking care of your kids. She will be like any other person in your house. She will work day and night for you like a machine.

You can get to employ these maids through agencies and when you contact such an agency, they will provide you with the bio data along with the photos of the women who have registered with them. Phew! long sentence that! You can check their profile and then employ them. However, you need to pay 200 Singapore Dollars (SGD) to the agency and a regular tax to the government. The wages of these maid are 300 SGD.

The agency guarantees their commitment to work and trustiness. Whereas the responsibility of her security and shelter lies with you. Along with her wages, you have to provide her food. She will even cook food of your style once you show it to her.

We have two immediate neighbours. One the one side there’s a Chinese family and on the other side, there’s this South Indian family which has hired such a working woman. The only difference between her and me is she gets paid whereas I do it for free. We have crossed paths many a times, while buying groceries, or when she takes the kids out to play. The other day I had stepped out for some grocery shopping and she was walking right behind me. I turned around a corner and turned back to look at her. She waved and smiled at me, maybe she thought I was doing the same job and wanted to extend a hand of friendship…


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