The cruise connection – part 2

I have been meaning to write for quite some time now, but haven’t been able to find time, nor the topic. Coz, so much has happened since I came here, I do not know how to choose what to write about. Well, I better continue with the cruise episode.

After winning at the Yoga Laughter, we were quite excited. We then stayed back at the deck for Line dancing with the cruise staff. It wasn’t that great but quite exhausting. It got us on our toes, made us sweat but refreshed us nevertheless. Some Chinese and Malay people were also there and after completing this dance we danced with them. It was very interesting.

We went on the top deck after this dance. Hubby wanted to give that famous Titanic pose, but the spot was beyond limits and we weren’t allowed to go that very far end of the ship. We headed for the Jacuzzi. The hot water jets massaged our aching bodies after the laughter yoga and the dance. FIL could also massage his paining knee which he later told was quite relieving. We didn’t stay long in the tub and headed straight for the pool. The water wasn’t good really, some dust and particles had fallen in the swimming pool and we weren’t so sure about staying in there for long time. We had a few laps and the sun was also scorching coz it was well past 12:30. To avoid getting tanned (am very colour conscious, specially mine) and to be able to have some lunch left at the Buffet, we hurried out of the pool, changed and went straight for our food.

We lunched at Mariner’s Buffet, same place, where we had our breakfast. But lunch was a better treat. Soon after we reached there, the waiter told us that they are closing the buffet in some time, so we might fill up our plates beforehand. So we did just that, we filled our plates with delicacies and more delicacies; cakes, muffins, ice creams, fruits, salads etc. We just hogged. Instead of having the routine dishes for lunch, we ate variety of side dishes and lots and lots of sweets. Where else would we get to taste such a lot of varieties at one time?

There was a Latin dance class scheduled in the afternoon. So after a quick nap, we went to the Stardust Lounge where the class had already started. I was elated after doing the Latin dance, although I couldn’t make out much difference between the Line Dance and this one. We also did Cha Cha Cha afterwards. But both dances were feminine and artistic. After watching my own dance video, I found it was aesthetically very pleasing.

We then went to the souvenir shop and just roamed around the cruise looking at the Diners, restaurants and buffets. At the top deck there was this huge Basketball court. We got the ball and played basketball. It was exhilarating. I had never ever played before but the first time that the ball went through the basket, made my heart swell. Girls can play basketball after all!!! There was some music playing nearby and we danced Cha Cha Cha on that. What more, I even tried to teach my MIL and SIL how to do it. 🙂 Then we came across a group of Tai Chi students. They were teaching each other how to do that. Hubby tried to learn it from them. Even FIL tried it. We had an early dinner at the Spices Restaurant.

We then went to the top deck for the Tropical Hawaiin Party. But this one was slightly different from what we call a party. It was a competition and a very weird one. First it was for the men. 4-5 guys had assembled on the stage, my hubby being one of them. They were given skirts made from bamboo shoots which looked like thin straws or stirrers. The skirts were tied to their waist. Their shirts were raised to their chests and tied in a knot which looked like the blouse that Dimple Kapadia wore in Bobby (u get the picture now!). One by one each participant was made to dance on music. Hubby turn was second. He did dance like some freak, jumping on the podium of the stage to where I was sitting, moving his hips and legs. The crowd gave him a loud applaud and absolutely loved it. The rest of the participants also did well but hubby’s was the best, no, no, am not being biased but am telling absolute truth. After all of them finished, the crowd was asked to decide, who danced the best and hubby won hands down. He got a gold medal with Star Aquarius written on it. It was very uplifting.

Then we had the girls’ competition. I too participated. I had thought this would again be some kind of a dance competition, but I couldn’t be more wrong. It was a competition, no doubt but what were we supposed to do. Here’s what, each one of us was supposed to do a ramp walk, walk down to the centre of the stage, then walk to one side (where there was  a pole), do some kind of a sexy pose/step/walk, then go to the other side and do the same. Finally come back to the centre of the stage and take up a sexy pose! Wow, how on earth was I going to do that? That too in front of such a huge, especially Indian crowd. Hubby had already set some high standards and I had to stand up to that. The worst thing was I was the first participant. I didn’t have any time to think. The host asked me whether I was ready, I said a shaky no. The music turned on and I don’t know what got into me. I tried to do a cat walk kind of thing and reached the centre of the stage. I went to the left, tried to do some kind of a pose, the crowd applauded and I thought it must have looked good. I then walked to the right and gave a flying kiss to hubby. I then turned and came back to the centre of the stage. Luckily, I had a jacket on me. I had a sudden thought, I took off my jacket and threw it at hubby and stood taking a pose. There was a huge applaud from the crowd. The other participants were very awkward in doing such a thing and hence they couldn’t perform as freely or as effectively. But I didn’t get the prize. There was an aunty who had participated and she won it just for her spirit and age. But I was just excited that I did something so outrageous and out of character.

The entire day had been just that for me, totally atypical and uncharacteristic. That had itself thrilled me to the core. And now the most interesting part. We (hubby+SIL+BIL and I of course) went to this show called Fantasy. It was a Las Vegas style Topless show for adults. I do not know whether I will ever go to Las Vegas, furthermore whether I will ever watch those shows there. So, here I had this opportunity and went for it. It lasted for around 45 minutes. And it’s an experience, I must say. Should watch it once in your life at least.


2 thoughts on “The cruise connection – part 2

  1. ish

    Sounds so great, and seems like you have a thing for winning competitions on the ship. By the time you’ll leave you’ll be kilos heavier thanks to all the prizes and medals you’ll be getting. 😛


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