Peace of mind

The problem with displaying your anger every time something upsets you is that nobody taked you seriously after a certain number of times, no matter how genuine the reason for outburst maybe. People start thinking that you get upset every now and then for some reason which is silly, stupid or not worth giving thought for. But that is for them. Something which might be of utter importance to you, might be negligent for them. If such a thing happens repeatedly then you are considered a temperamental person who loses his/her cool for no reason at all. Soon everyone stops bothering to ask why you are angry for.

This has been happening quite often with me lately. I canot keep my calm and am put off the very moment something disrupts my way of thinking. I do not have the patience to put things down calmly and explain to the other person, the reason for my behaviour.

Cannot go into more details otherwise the post will become too personal. This post is just to vent my frustration and feel calm!


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