Singapore, here I come

I’ll be flying off to Singapore this Saturday and if things go as planned won’t be returning until early next year. This is one of those moments in life when you make a decision that brings about a noticeable change to your life and you volunteer to venture into an unknown path whose destination you do not know.

I was at such crossroads sometime back, deciding whether to continue living here and working on my current job or to quit and join my husband. Given the current situation at work that isn’t very stimulating and is neither helping me grow in my field, I finally decided the latter. However the decision doesn’t ease my mind yet. I would be cut off from my work and my field for at least 8-9 months unless I take up a job there. Being a career woman was never on my agenda until I took up this job and started enjoying it. Now that I have fit into this industry and have a perfect schedule, there is this fear of change and fear of the unknown.

We rarely like to be shaken from our routines and our set schedules. No doubt am all excited to live in a different country as beautiful as Singapore but there’s this anxiety about living in a totally new place and calling it home. But I always have a rickety start with things until the time they fall into place. So am making my mind and heart to believe that this is the next best adventure and that life has finally happened to me!

I have observed that my friends who are outside India are more keen to keep in touch. I hope I don’t turn into a complete firangi with no feelings for friends and family. So unless there’s a practical problem, I’ll be posting regularly and will be connected.


4 thoughts on “Singapore, here I come

  1. Ah, congratulations, now you can have many more of those scary crabs! 😛

    And do stay in touch. Looking forward to the next post from Singapore.

  2. @Shadow, Arvind: Thanks guys, I have already had a very hectic week sight seeing and travelling around. Am definitely enjoying. 😛

    @Ish: Am planning to eat more of those crabs. One’s on menu tonigh. Maybe I’ll post the photos just for you. 😛

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