In the moment..

A gentle touch, a kiss, a tear, a hug, a laugh, a romantic look, a simple glance. An endless conversation, a comfortable silence, an opinionated statement, an overwhelming fear, an uncomfortable urge to hit someone. A witty comment, a critical remark, an apologetic glance. A word of advice, a sudden chill, an unexplainable feeling. Love is a crazy feeling.

Time files at jet’s speed when you want it to stop. Time stands still when you want it to run. That fleeting moment cannot be captured. What you feel right then, you cannot note down. Each glance, smile and touch can only be replayed partially by the heart, body and brain until the next time you can relive them..!


4 thoughts on “In the moment..

  1. ish

    Ah, that’s so true. Time always goes so slowly when you want it to go fast and vice versa. Just my own example. It always goes super slow during the Maths period and goes super fast in the 2 hours before the maths exam when I’m supposed to do my preparation. Time is evil, really.

  2. Maddie Post author

    Ish: Yes, I understand completely what you say. I remember that the period of the most hated subject always goes at ant’s speed. Also the time before the exam and the exam days are super slow however, you don’t even realise when the vacation got over!

  3. Shahir

    Very nicely written….; when reading, it portrays an image of a silent river…feel of a cool breeze… the joy of a baby’s smile…

    Came across your post through indiblogger…and didnt want to let it pass without posting note to celebrate the post’s poignant beauty…


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