Life@ Singapore Part – 6

Wednesday, June 04, 2008, Days 11 and 12:

The last two days have been pretty relaxing. I didn’t leave the house for two whole days now. Am being a typical house wife, cooking, cleaning, washing, tidying up and so on. It’s comforting in a way. Am cooking a variety of things. They don’t turn out perfect but good enough to fill our tummies and not waste. Keeping up the place takes up most of my time and the rest is spent watching TV, reading, and sleeping. So, in short, I am enjoying myself.

Today completes six months for my wedding. Hubby gifted me David Copperfield! We plan to go to a theatre to watch a movie in the evening. Am excited to see the theatre here, am sure it’s different.

I am in two minds now. Life is easy here. I don’t have to worry about work, office, traffic, no responsibilities. On the other hand, I want to go back home, meet my people, and tell them the stories about my two weeks here. And most importantly, get connected to the net. I think I missed not being connected to the net the most. I feel am living on some island and cut off from rest of the world. I wonder if I would have done all the household chores, had I been having an internet connection at home here. Anyway, am planning to go to the cyber café here. It’s expensive, but since my shopping spree is over, I can treat myself by being connected. I miss reading all those blogs, checking my mail and chatting with buddies.

Special note for dear friend: I haven’t been able to talk to anyone over here, forget about making friends! People here don’t talk, rather don’t look all that friendly and open to conversation. However, there was this friendly lady in a train, one day when we three were traveling. Hubby and I got down at our station, but that lady constantly kept talking with sister-in-law and followed her to some station. Finally sister-in-law had to run ahead and catch her train. Maybe that lady was bogus. Well, don’t want that incident to repeat!

Now am going to back to reading Sherlock Holmes.


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