Life@ Singapore – Part 5 continued..

You can reach the island via cable car or monorail. There are 2 bus services within Sentosa categorized as Blue, Yellow and Red lines and a tram service called the Beach Tram. Sentosa has a variety of attractions, museums and facilities to provide recreational experience to the visitors. We first visited the Underwater World. It has marine and fresh water fishes and animals of varied species from around the world. Visitors can move along the travelator and look through glass tunnel at a range of marine life including sharks, sting rays, turtles, and other fish.

Then we watched the 4D show and Cineblast show. Both give the visitors a 3D experience. In 4D, it’s an additional dimension added to make the visitor feel part of the show. They are nothing but movies in 3D and 4D and it’s an experience to have. The luge ride and the sky ride are self steered wheel carts. You can speed down a hill and race. We missed the Songs of the Sea show as it was closed due to technical issues. The Dolphin show has pink dolphins where after the show, you can meet the dolphin and play with it. Apart from this, the Sentosa island has museums, beaches, spas and hotels for recreation.

The first half of Sunday was spent at home, in the kitchen to be precise. Cooking, cleaning, washing and them some more cooking. Sister-in-law left for home in the afternoon. In the evening hubby and I went to Orchard Street for some more shopping. I got myself a pair of shoes, more wrist watches and a couple of gifts for my relatives. We were dead tired by the time we came back. Today, am just sitting at home and relaxing. I don’t have any more energy to go out.


2 thoughts on “Life@ Singapore – Part 5 continued..

  1. ish

    Wow, the 4-D show sounds interesting. It must’ve been good. I saw a 3-D show at a science auditorium thing they have close to the town and it was supposed to be mediocre. I was shocked by it, even for its mediocre standards, it was breathtaking. It had a crazy scientist making weird things. Once me made rats and they all came towards us and it actually felt like they were gonna crawl over you any second. Very disgusting, but very brilliant. So the 3-D and the 4-D show there must’ve been even more brilliant.

  2. Maddie Post author

    Ish: Yea exactly, that’s how this was too. But there were crabs instead of rats running around an island. There was a ship too and when a huge wave splashed water over the pirates, some water was sprayed over our faces too. The seats in front of us had a tube attached to it from where the water was sprayed.


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