Life@ Singapore – Part 5

Monday, June 02, 2008, Days 7, 8, 9, 10:

It’s been a while since I wrote down here. Have been busy, obviously. Thursday afternoon, sister-in-law came down to our place since her business meetings were now over. After getting some sleep in the afternoon, we went out to meet my hubby at a station. From there we went to the Night Safari. It is a nocturnal zoo and a very popular tourist destination. The major highlight of this place is that it is an entire open air zoo that is open only at night. It can be explored on foot via three trails or by tram. It houses around thousand animals of more than hundred species, many of which are threatened species. The animal dwellings are simulated to resemble their natural habitat and are made visible by lighting that resembles moonlight. It is dim enough to not disturb the animals. The 40 minute tram ride is exciting, thrilling and creepy at the same time. You feel you are going through a dense jungle with wild animals lurking around the corner. It is scary enough to excite you.

The Night Safari is located far away from our place and it took a long train and then bus journey to reach there. It almost took an hour and in Singapore an hour’s journey means too much of travel. We were almost sure that we would miss out on a couple of shows mentioned in the itinerary. But we just made it in time for the Creatures of the Night show. Here, you come face to face with wild animals and birds. The highlight of the show being the trainers and hosts bring out a huge live snake from below the seats of the visitors.

The next day, after having our lunch, we went shopping on Orchard Street. It’s a long street with shops lined down at both sides. Orchard Street is the place for a shopping freak. You will find the world famous brands showrooms and shops. For girls, it’s always the purses and footwear. We found some beautiful purses at a reasonable price. They even give you tourist discount. Walking down the street is a treat for the eyes. The shops are huge and beautiful with attractive window displays. We walked around till our legs couldn’t stand us anymore.

The entire Saturday was spent at Sentosa Island. The view from the Cable Car ride toward Sentosa is breath taking. You will see lush blanket of trees below you, the wide open ocean, the tall Singapore skyline, the lined up cruises, the boats at the harbor and the huge Merlion. Sentosa is a great tourist attraction. I am really amazed with the thought process and planning that went behind making this place so amazing. We had taken the package which included a complimentary guided tour about the rides. The pick up stops begin in a souvenir shops. The tourist is tempted to buy. When you finish a ride and come out of the room, you enter a shop. They have come up with simple creative ideas to lure the tourist into buying the stuff. It was a great experience. More details later.


4 thoughts on “Life@ Singapore – Part 5

  1. Blessen

    Grrrrr….. that jealousy for you!!!

    waaah….. that’s appreciation for you!!! You are getting really good at blogging!!! seriously!!!

  2. Maddie Post author

    Blessen: I can understand your jealousy. And thank you for the compliments. Am blessed to get blessings from Blessen! 🙂

  3. ish

    Nice, I’ve always been fond of safari’s though haven’t really been to many. We had a Tiger Safari close to our town and we went there once. I’ll never forget it because they made it sound very creepy. We went in a rusted van which had barricaded windows. I was pretty sure a tiger was gonna leap up from somewhere and attack us. But that didn’t happen. We saw only a couple of deer, that’s all. But still, it was fun.

    And did you see the snake coming from beneath the chairs? Must’ve been really creepy. No?

  4. Maddie Post author

    Ish: Yes, I did see them take the snake out. I was expecting it since I had been to that show the last time I went to Singapore, but it was creepy nevertheless. 😦


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