Life@ Singapore – Part 4

Thursday, May 29, 2008 Day 6:

11:15 am: Yesterday evening was fun. I met hubby at a station. We then went to the East Coast by bus. The East Coast is a posh locality with classy, stylish bungalows surrounded by small neat gardens flaunting trendy cars. And then there’s the beach. We couldn’t get to walk down the beach as it was already getting dark and we were hungry. The restaurants boast of excellent sea food and especially crab – Jumbo crabs.

Hubby’s brother had recommended jumbo Chilly Crab. After sister-in-law joined us, we sat down at one of the restaurants, ordered some lime juice and of course, Chilly Crab. It did stand up to our expectation and one crab was enough for the three of us to share. It was well after one hour that we finally finished eating it and it was delicious and filling. Even on a weekday, the restaurants were jam-packed and it looked like just another Sunday with people enjoying merrily, partying and having a good time in all. That was all for yesterday. We didn’t roam around much, as traveling to that place had taken up a lot of time and getting back home was equally long and tiresome.

Today, my sister-in-law will be completing her last business day and would come down at our place for the next few days. In the evening we plan to go to the Night Safari. From my last experience I remember it was a nice experience with the tram ride and the wild animal shows. I hope they have changed it since then cause then I would have something new to see.

Hopefully no rains today and I hope it stays that way for the entire day. I need to cook my lunch now.


12 thoughts on “Life@ Singapore – Part 4

  1. Maddie Post author

    Ish: Yea, we ate that. It was very tasty in fact delicious. Ask any of your friends who eat non-veg and like sea food. They will tell you. But I wonder whether you get this kind of food in Delhi.

  2. ish

    Ah, I’m not in Delhi for one. I live in Ludhiana. And no, I seriously doubt if we get any sea food in here except in the super expensive hotels. Those are unaffordable. I’ve eaten Fish actually, and quite liked it. But the idea of eating crabs sounds scary.

  3. Maddie Post author

    Ish: Hey, am sorry, I wonder why I thought you lived in Delhi. And yea, many people wonder how one can eat a crab. But then the most complicated looking fish is also the most delicious one.

  4. Maddie Post author

    Shadow: Hi and welcome. Whose shadow are you?
    Yea, I have heard about the pepper crabs too. Next time, I won’t miss them. Any other speciality I should try out? Food, shopping anything? Am game. I would be having ample time to explore the country this time.


    Its my shadow :-), Squids(dry fry) too are great over there ! also some deserts they serve with dry ice its fun to have that too, dont remember the names,
    Shopping i guess u have explored almost…Did you manage to visit Vivo city near Sentosa ? A good place to visit, Also China town a must visit.

    Komal’s a pure veg in little India is good for fast food.. also some indian mulsim food in many food couts are good to try.. Nazi Biryani in Malay food joints are good…

  6. Maddie Post author

    Shadow: Looks like you are a foodie 🙂 , you have tried quite a variety there. Are you a native? I have been to China Town but it’s way to crowdy. I went to Sentosa but not visited Vivo city. Will make a note of all these places and visit it next time, though am not so sure whether I will eat squids 😦


    I am a BIG foodie 🙂 , Luv to try diffrent things…
    I am not a native of SG, visits SG quite regular, I live in bengalooru


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