Top 10 Secrets

I got bored, again. So I lifted this tag from a certain blog which said if you want to tag yourself, do it, but secretly. Obviously am not naming the blog. The tag is to reveal ten secrets about yourself and tag some more people. I am already so secretive and mysterious. I haven’t written any personal quirks and stuff. Hence, everything I write down about myself would be a secret revealed. And I wonder who would be so interested to find out about me, that too, my secrets.

Here goes then,

*Applauds in my own head*

1. I am a very lazy person: Asked on how I would like to spend my day, it would be to lie down on the sofa and flick through TV channels and have someone give me meals in between. I would not get up unless it’s an emergency. If bored by the TV, I would read, listen to songs or simply doze off.

2. I am scared of lizards: I hate them. They make me want to puke. Once a lizard, a huge one, fell on my hand, and I washed my hand at least five times to get off that yucky sticky rubbery feeling. I still shudder at the memory.

3. I don’t like mangoes: It’s no secret to those who know me. But I don’t like to disclose this fact when visiting someone especially during summer. Yea, am one of the few who dislike it intensely. I used to eat it out of compulsion from mom, when I was a kid. But I started resisting it long ago. I somehow just don’t like the taste, it’s too sweet maybe that’s why.

4. I cannot have long conversations with people in person: I can talk to them for hours over the phone or maybe write to them at length. But something just puts me off if I have to discuss something important or serious either about them or me face-to-face. It’s got to do with the fact that things would get uncomfortable for me, if I discuss it on face and that’s what I want to avoid. That’s why my phone bills are huge and I prefer staying at home rather than meeting up with people.

5. I am too critical of myself and about everyone else around: Things and people constantly fail to measure up to my high standards which often leads to discomfort in the relationship. (Am working on it and trying to make myself better on this one.)

6. I am not a make-up girl: I hate doing make-up especially the lip-stick. When I was a kid, mom told me it’s bad for the lips and I have an aversion to them since then.

7. I like watching nature and sceneries while travelling in a bus or train: It would be best if there was a bus with huge glass windows that would take me around the country. I could just sit there watch the view outside.

8. I cannot say no to people: Yea, it’s a weakness. I find difficult to break their hearts by saying no to something, even if that meant, agreeing to do something against my wishes and choices. I may create a scene about it later but nevertheless still do it according to them at that time.

9. I love drinking coffee: Though am not an addict. I can drink coffee at any time during the day and even at night. Contrary to popular belief it does not affect my sleep schedule, in fact, it induces sleep if I drink a hot cup at night.

10. I sleep with my blanket covering my ears: It seems if my ears are warm then only I can fall asleep. I cannot have air blowing in my ears while trying to sleep.

There, now you know all about me, well, at least 10 things about me.

Now to mug a few:

The meme King – Ish






6 thoughts on “Top 10 Secrets

  1. ish

    Everyone is scared of lizards, it seems. And all that fear is coming out in this meme. The lizards must be rejoicing that they’ve managed to scared the most dangerous animal in the world! Even I hate lizards. My hate for them has increased since the time when one of them fell from the roof onto the CPU and then stuck it’s tail inside it. It got electrocuted and my modem got fried, cutting me off from everything. Blah.

    I can’t have long conversations with anyone, anywhere. I can have long conversations maybe but I’m unable to start conversations, whether it be face-to-face, on the phone or even while chatting. That’s one serious flaw that I have and have never really been able to do much about it.

    I like watching sceneries while going in a train or bus too. That explains the fights I get into regarding the window seat. I always end up losing though because I don’t like arguments.

    I’ll do this meme soon.

  2. Maddie Post author

    Ish: I know you will come up with some really dark secrets of yours which are in the closet currently. Waiting for you to do this meme.

  3. Blessen

    drinking coffee???? secret hain kya???? I guess in the firm that you are working, everyone eventually becomes a coffee fan!! they got to keep themselves awake u see!!! hehe… kidding….

    Thanks for tagging me…. will try my best to do justice to that tag!

  4. Maddie Post author

    Blessen: Yes that’s true. But then they all drink out of necessity. I drink because I like it (shucks, I sound like a drunkard 😡 ) But yes, sometimes I do drink to stay awake. Kaun kambakht bardadsht karne ke liye peeta hai.. main toh peeti hu taaki kaam kar saku.. that sucks! 😉


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