Life@ Singapore – Part 3

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 Day 5 continued…

2 pm: Lunch over, am watching a cookery show now. The rains have stopped. The air is fresh and smells sweet. All the household chores are done. I can actually doze off but then like Monday, I may wake up late and then get late to go out. I actually don’t feel like going out today. Have been on the go since day one. It’s tiring especially when you have to walk half the time, be it roaming in malls or just standing in the trains. Hmm, trains, there again, I go back to talking about trains. It’s funny though. The trains are not as crowded as we have in Mumbai. The peak hours’ crowd is also moderate. It cannot be termed as crowded in our sense. You have enough space to stand in the compartment. There are no compartments as such. It’s a whole long vehicle. It has many doors. That way, people don’t crowd around at one door.

I found people here are not that enthusiastic, the way you will find the crowd of Mumbai; laughing, talking animatedly, having conversations. These people do talk but their talks are subdued and conscious. You will never find a group talking in high voice, giggling or chatting merrily, except if they are collegians. They have a very dead pan expression on their face and even a fly won’t move off from their faces. The fly won’t sit in the first place. 🙂 Some are just a bit arrogant. But these people won’t bother you. They are into their own thing, talking on the phone, playing games on their small video games or mobiles or just listening to songs. You won’t get snide remarks passed on you, no eve teasing, no staring at your faces, looking at you as if you popped out from Mars. So this makes you very comfy and relaxed. You can roam around late at night with not a single worry. The streets are safe and you will even find girls walking down all alone.

People here wear pretty clothes, especially the girls with their short frocks, skirts and pretty shoes. You will find the most varied types of shoes in different bright colours and of course with high heels. I found girls wearing high penciled heels. They look pretty in their skirts, flowered design frock, posh purses and beautiful shoes. The standard of living is high and most of the people belong to higher middle or higher class. I have yet to see a poor person in Singapore. You won’t find beggars here. I saw one sitting at a station, playing away at his keyboard and singing a tune. He was blind. But he wasn’t a beggar. He wore proper, good clothes and his keyboard also looked expensive.

Apart from clothes, the next thing you will notice is the accessories that they use. Be it goggles, purses, anklets, necklaces, bangles; it’s fashionable. Most of the girls would be wearing make-up. And luckily, since the trains and buses are equipped with ACs, their make-up stays. Not like in our Mumbai, when you get down from the train, you muscles feel strained and you search whether you got down with all your body parts, forget the make-up!

Food here is expensive, especially the hotels. Go for any type of cuisine, back in India you would dine twice or thrice at the same amount. But then my hubby said that you shouldn’t convert these prices into Indian rupees, otherwise you will find everything expensive. The other day when we went to Mustafa, I got a small bundle of coriander leaves for 2 SD (Singapore Dollars). Back in India, I would get at least 6 bundles for the same amount. Was that costly or what.

Oh my, it’s getting cloudy again and this time it’s going to shower heavily. The sky is dark and now I need to switch on the light in the room. It’s surprising how the weather changes so fast here. There! Some lightening and strong wind. Still some time to pour. If it rains heavily now, I need to rush to bring in the clothes that I have put out for drying. If it stays this way, we won’t get to go out in the evening. But then I feel going out in the rains would also be a great experience. It would be way way different from traveling in Mumbai rains. 😀 Wow! The curtain just blew in scattering the papers and a few items around the room. Let me get those tucked in nicely.

It has started raining now. The air has cooled down though I still need that fan. However, the sweet smell of the earth is missing. The roads here won’t flood. The trains won’t stop working. Offices won’t be shut down. It would be just another day for the Singaporean people. It has started raining heavily now with the rain pouring down in all directions. It’s lovely to look at the rain through the window. Now am going to go back to watching TV and trying to sleep.


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