Poetic justice

I am very happy today. No, it’s different from the normal happy state that one usually is in. This is nothing like that. No, am not happy in the usual sense of the term. I am, shall we say, content? or maybe peaceful with everything that I believe in and everything that I have faith in. What’s my reason for being so content and gay?

Well, the incident took place a week ago, right after the day I landed back in Mumbai. In my excitement at returning back, I had not so much as even settled down and unpacked when God threw this delightful surprise at me. Thank you God for listening to all my silent prayers in my darkest hours and the ones when I was happy too. Thank you for answering, for showing your justice prevails.

I am not going to share the actual incident as to what really happened that made me so happy. Let’s just say it involves a few unpleasant events and truths. Let me try to explain without going into the intricate details. A certain individual or individuals had been really nasty, grossly unjust and had totally wronged yours truly a long time ago. It was not a single event, but an accumulation of events even later until the very recent past. One, being a child, thus struck, had been incapable of standing up for Oneself and resisting and holding up against such malice. Over the period, One went through repressed anger, hurt, revenge and eventually turned apathetic towards the individuals. Though, they managed to hurt One through some pretence or the other. However, one managed to sail through, though not unhurt.

Anyhow, over a long period of time now, One had grown indifferent and had not bothered to interfere in their matters thus ensuring One’s peace of mind. Until that fateful day when One was destined to watch the fate of the individuals change for the worse. It was divine providence that One had to witness the outcome unfold in front of One’s eyes, in fact lead them to it. One watched as the consequences lay out and couldn’t help but feel sorry for the dismal dispiriting of the individual’s feelings. But One couldn’t do anything about it.

For once, it was not One’s fault that this had befallen them. One was far away, way out of it all. It was not One’s doing. Oh, but for it to happen in the presence of One. One was at first sorry that this had to happen to them. One even felt a bit sad and sent a silent prayer that let this not happen to anyone else. But then one started feeling glad. One started feeling One had triumphed. One was vindicated. The ones who had done injustice to One were now on the receiving end.

This was God’s justice. One had started gloating over the misery of the individuals. And just then One realised that this isn’t right, to find pleasure in the wretchedness of others. One then analysed into the depth’s of One’s heart. What was it that One was really feeling? Was One really happy to see the plight of these individuals? No, One wasn’t feeling glee at all. It was just the happiness that justice was finally served. What goes around comes around. Uparwale ke ghar der hai andher nahi hai. One rejoiced in the reverence of the Supreme Power of righting the one wronged.


2 thoughts on “Poetic justice

  1. ish

    Can’t say much because I don’t know the exact incident but yea, I think justice always gets served. What goes around, always comes around. Life always comes a full circle for everybody. The circle is big for some, smaller for others. But ultimately, it’s round.

  2. Maddie Post author

    Ish: You got the meaning that I was trying to convey. Justice does get served, the period may be long or short for some. But one does have to answer for one’s deals.


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