Life@ Singapore – Part 2

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 Day 4 and 5:

It’s raining here now. Light showers on and off. Two more days have passed since I wrote here. As I had mentioned, I spent a quiet day at home on Monday. Spending time alone here is what I love the most. In the evening, I made my first lone train journey to meet hubby at a station. The train travelling is so cool here. The MRT runs three rail lines across the country. These three lines are connected at certain interchange stations. With precise directions and instructions, travelling is really a delight and a lot of fun. On Monday evening, we went to Mustafa. It’s a huge huge shopping mall. It is very popular among the Indians staying here because you will find almost all the Indian food items from Masalas to fish to sweets. You will find almost everything that you want to shop for. I finally found the grated coconut! Bless it! The surrounding area has many Indian restaurants specially South Indian cuisines. We had dinner at one of those and it was very fulfilling to say the least.

On Tuesday, it was hubby’s birthday. He had taken the day off from work. After giving him the presents from everybody back home, I spent the morning in the kitchen, cooking. We had decided to go out in the afternoon. But then, it started raining in the afternoon and we didn’t step out until after 6. My sister-in-law joined us at the City Hall station from where we went to Sun Tec City. You can go to Sun Tec city using the Underpass. It’s nothing but an underground passage which leads you to the Sun Tec City mall. Sun Tec City is basically a huge shopping mall. It also has theatres, food joints and other entertainment spots. We watched the water fountain laser show. What is it? It’s a huge water fountain through which images and scenes are projected through laser in different colours and lights. It was not so good as compared to the laser show at Sentosa Island. I remember it from our last visit. We are planning to go to Sentosa over this weekend. I hope we catch the show then. We had dinner again at some South Indian restaurant.

We also watched the pearl fountain. It’s again a water fountain which has water flowing in both directions from top to bottom and then from bottom to top. While this water changes directions, you will notice pearls in the flow. It actually looks like a long tall white string which has pearls woven into it. You cannot really make out whether there’s a string there or it’s just plain simple water. It was lovely.

The Koi FishThere is this Koi garden at a turning in the underpass. Koi, is a long, fat, fresh water yellow coloured fish. The garden is located at the bottom of the underpass near a car parking area. They couldn’t have put it to better use. The water level is not so high. It may be hardly half a feet deep. These yellow fat fish are lovely to look at. Am not sure what their significance really is. But there they were lying in dozens together. They were accompanied with Sucker fish, which are long thin and just lie there. I didn’t see a single one of them move. They supposedly just like there and suck on the dirt, hence the name. What a way to keep the pond clean!

After roaming around the mall, we went to the Merlion park. It’s the famous symbol of Singapore. It has a body of a mermaid with the face of a lion. It has water flowing out of its mouth.

It’s Wednesday afternoon now, 12:15 to be precise. Today evening, we plan to go to East coast. It is famous for its sea food. And someone has recommended Chilly Crabs. So that’s the agenda for the evening. My lunch for today is to finish off the left over food from yesterday. I still have to make chapattis! 😦 The darn washing machine takes around 2 hours and then I have to hang up the clothes to dry. Anyway, I should get back to work now. More later.

PS: Am unable to add pictures right now. Will update the post later.

Updates: Finally able to upload photos now.


2 thoughts on “Life@ Singapore – Part 2

  1. ish

    Wow, they do seem to have many huge malls in there. I would like to see them. We do have huge malls here too but most of them are not properly executed and are almost always over-crowded. What is it like there?

    I like those yellow fishes! A pond on a subway train is such a cool idea. Got to give it to them. And hey, you said that the water flows from down to up in the pearl fountain. How?

    I’ve heard about Merlion park and that lion. Do you have a picture? I’d like to see. And Chilly Crabs is err..scary. I’ve never really had any seafood so it sounds weird.

  2. Maddie Post author

    Ish: Their malls are really really huge and seeing the entire mall may take half a day of yours. It all well maintained and it’s never crowdy. Not as per our standards 😀 . You can read more about the Koi fish on Wikipedia, they do look lovely and bright and shiny. The pearl fountain is an amazing idea. Though the picture I have put up is the only one that I have. The close-ups haven’t come out so well. It’s not that the water goes up or down. It looks like small dew drops are connected together in a thread. But that’s in fact just water. I don’t know the technology behind it.

    I do have more photos of the fountain though not clear. The Merlioin is also cool. I have put the picture of the huge Merlioin in the first post. Check it out. It’s really huge, giant. The Merlion park is nothing but the place where the original statue is put up. It is located near Esplanade Bridge in front of Marina Bay. And the huge replica is at the Sentosa island which is another big tourist attraction.

    I will put up the picture of the chilly crab to scare you more 🙂


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