Life@ Singapore – Part 1

Hurray, I have finally found the document. Am so happy. I have got all the memories back. So here is the first post about my time in Singapore. I am going to paste whatever is there in the documet with no modifictions or additions on my part, except some grammatical and spelling corrections. I’ll be posting in parts so that the post doesn’t get too long and boring. Here goes:

The MerlionMonday, May 26, 2008 Days 1, 2 and 3:

I am at Singapore since past two days now. And it feels like the most natural thing in the world. I don’t have any anxiety or apprehensions about the whole thing. This was the first time that I was travelling alone that too abroad. My baggage was heavy and weighed more than the permitted limit. I was tensed a bit about it. What if they didn’t allow me to carry all the things? What if the security asked me to open my bag and threw out all the edible items? However, none of my fears materialised, thanks to my father-in-law, my travelling was easy and comfortable. He had made some arrangements through his contacts. The plane’s staff and crew helped and assisted me throughout. It’s a very comforting feeling to have someone look out for you and guide you especially when you are travelling to a new place all by yourself.

So anyway, I landed here two days back morning around 8. The place which hubby has rented was not so far from the airport. It’s a nice big flat with two bedrooms, hall, kitchen and study. It’s spacious, airy, and fresh with a lot of natural light falling through the windows in all rooms. I instantly liked it and felt at home. I had to catch up on my sleep since I couldn’t sleep properly through my flight. So after unpacking, I slept like a log. In the afternoon, we made some ready to cook chicken with rotis.

In the evening, we went out. Travelling here is easy and comfy. No rush, no crowd, no pushing and shoving. No honking. I haven’t heard the darn horns in the past couple of days. (My ears are thanking me for that.) The drivers don’t look murderous and don’t try to run over you. They actually pause and stop the vehicle if you are crossing at a red light. The cab and bus drivers are educated and well informed. They will patiently guide you about getting to a certain place if you ask them your doubts. It’s almost a delight to travel actually. I guess travelling is comfortable everywhere around the world except India. With the AC buses and metros, you can go around the whole country in Singapore. It’s very well organized. Singapore is famous for its Metro, Mass Rapid Transport, a.k.a. MRT. It is difficult to get lost in this country.

So, we went shopping around for groceries. I knew about the variety of breads that are available. But then I was in for a surprise when I found at least 6-7 types of milk. How do you choose? There are these different brands. Some of it was imported from different countries. It was so very difficult to choose. I just wanted simple good old milk! Anyway, after reading through the different varieties, we settled for Greenfield, pasteurized, fresh milk from Australia. Phew! Its price was also reasonable.

My sister-in-law, hubby’s brother’s wife arrived yesterday. She has a business conference here for a couple of days. So before checking into the hotel, she visited us. Late Sunday morning yesterday, the three of us were busy cooking in the kitchen. All amateurs, we took around three hours to cook some simple dal, roti and aalu ki subji. I was the one making rotis and it took me ages to knead the flour. Only after making the first roti did I realize that it was not aata but maida that I was using! No wonder the flour looked white and not brown. Don’t ask me how I couldn’t make it out in the first place!

Later Sunday evening, we went to drop my sister-in-law to her hotel, The Orchard hotel. It’s located at one of the hep places. Think of Bandra or Fort area in Mumbai. Food joints, shopping malls and places to freak out. After she checked in, we went to a place called Clark Quay. It’s a nice place to freak out, eat and have lots of fun. It’s next to a river bank from where you can take ferry rides. It has a lot of restaurants of varied cuisines. It also has open bars (think vada pav bhel puri stalls). You can sit in the open air and chill out with a chilled drink. We had dinner at a Spanish restaurant. This was the first time I ate Spanish food and it was not so bad.

Now it’s Monday morning, 10 am. Hubby has gone to office and I am sitting at home typing away on his Laptop. The day will be spent lazing around and catching up on sleep and resting. In the evening, we may go for some more sight seeing.

PS: With so many Indians, especially South Indians, I didn’t find coconuts in the market. They have coconut milk or dry coconut powder available.


2 thoughts on “Life@ Singapore – Part 1

  1. ish

    How did you get the document then?

    Singapore sounds exciting, especially the transport. Being able to cross the road and travel without having the fear of being run down must’ve been priceless!

    And lol, I can’t tell the difference between maida and atta either. All I know is that atta is what you make roti’s with and maida is what Maggi is made of. But you can also make roti’s with maida can’t you?

    I like the idea of open bars, haven’t really thought about that. It sounds weird to imagine people selling alcohol like Pav Bhaji is sold in here. Must’ve been fun! I’m so looking forward to read more.

  2. Maddie Post author

    Luckily, the document was there on that chip and I extracted it through the card reader at my in-laws’ place.
    You can make rotis with maida but that would be more like naan rather than rotis, which requires kneading the maida in a different manner.
    The open bars were so brilliant. You could actually sit near lake side around round tables and chairs and have a glass of drink. And you can sit as long as you wish to. The waiters won’t come to kick you out to make seat for the next customers. 🙂


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