Tracking memories

When I was in Singapore, I had made an electronic diary, writing down notes and things in a Word document on my husband’s laptop. Since there was no Internet at home, I was not able to post it or mail it. Now, the big question was, how was I going to bring back that document so that I could blog it. I finally thought had an idea. I stored it on the chip of my digicam.

After I came back, I tried many times to copy-paste that doc onto my hard disk. But the problem is, I don’t see that document on the chip. I don’t have a card reader and that makes it all the more difficult. I tried plugging the camera into different USB drives but still no luck.

I have this habit of deleting all the photos from the camera as soon as I transfer it to my machine. So, to add to misery, I did just that. Hit me! And now am not sure whether that document would still be there on that chip.

Thankfully, that document is still there on my husband’s laptop but it’s difficult for him to mail it to me. He is not allowed to take his laptop to office and mail me from there. Plus, the cyber cafes there, are too costly.

Am now in a fix. I want that document. I want to add things to it. It’s a resource. It’s my memories. It’s my 15 days I spent there. Also I am eager and cannot wait to post it on my blog. My cousin has a card reader and that’s my only chance now. But I won’t get time to visit him until the weekend. And then what if that document has also got deleted while deleting the photos.

You see, I am desperate! Can anybody help me out?


2 thoughts on “Tracking memories

  1. ish

    You could go to a cyber cafe, they have card readers and stuff there, if you can’t wait till the weekend that is. When you plug in your camera, maybe it’s only supposed to show pictures and nothing else, so maybe that’s why the document didn’t show up.

    Otherwise I can’t really think of anything else. Burning it on a CD and mailing it to you doesn’t sound like a logical option. Does he have internet on his phone?

  2. Maddie Post author

    @Ish: No, he doesn’t have internet on phone. I think I will be able to go to my cousin’s place tomorrow. So finally, I would be getting that document if it’s still there. [:)]


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