I am back in Mumbai. It’s been a whirlwind tour of 15 days. My mind is still reeling. Mentally am still back at Singapore, in my home working around in the kitchen, cleaning and planning my lazy day. I was amazed how quickly I got comfortable at home, looking for things at their usual places, mechanically opening the cupboard, going around to the other room, opening shelves and keeping back things at their original places.

I was wondering whether I had really been to Singapore for 15 days or was it just a dream? I can’t believe am back so soon. It feels like just yesterday that I was preparing, shopping and packing my bags and here I am back working at my desk. I have missed being connected to the web the most. That way I used to stay in touch with my dear friends and fellow bloggers.

I have written a detailed travelogue of the 15 days that I spent in Singapore and I would posting about it soon. For now, hello everyone, am back! I missed reading all your blogs, commenting and being in touch. Am cleaning my reader since morning and have yet to read a lot.

Mumbai is still the same more so with the rains now. Although, living in a clean and organized country feels really nice, it’s so good to be finally back in amchi Mumbai!!


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