Blogspot is blocked!

Everyday, something new happens that ticks my mood off and sets in a frustration for the entire day. Till yesterday it was that I had no work. Fine, I was able to deal with that. I used to browse stuff, find new blogs, sites and keep reading them all day long to entertain myself. Although, I was not able to comment on Blogspot’s blogs since the admin menu was blocked. But today, to my utter shock and disgust, they blocked Blogspot entirely. That means, I cannot get to open the blog itself. I am not sure whether the Reader would get the article’s feed in it. That way, I would have no idea if that blogger has even updated his/her blog. How pathetic. As it is, for the past many months, I was beginning to dislike my company, now they are giving me more reasons to do so. Me thinks this really sucks. So much for talking about better working conditions for employees!

What difference would it make, if they allowed all sites to open. It’s not like everyone would stop doing their work and only keep chatting and surfing (after all, they got to prove to deserve better appraisals and raise). That people will do anyway with the internal chat tool. Then why not allow them to use gtalk, yahoo, msn and all those tools out there. Personal emails, social networking sites, software downloads, keep that blocked, fine. I have no issues with that. Moreover, you don’t want your employees to turn entrepreneurs and that too do their client work using office assets. But why block Blogspot? Apart from the casual reading, it serves as a platform from where we employees get our knowledge. Not only employees, but we, us, all, in general. It’s a medium for us to learn about things of our interest and about new things. It’s all the more contradictory when the company has its own internal blog but will block other blogs as personal pages. What’s the harm, I say in connecting and knowing about others out there?

Now when communication and connectivism is the new way to learn, why these companies block our paths to learn? At management meetings, they will talk of all new technologies that they want to implement and use for training their associates. But they are highly unaware of the informal learning that takes place through reading blogs. Am sure the next thing on their blocking list would be the reader. I say I will leave this job the day they block my reader. How do they expect me to survive without reading, commenting and connecting with others? While we spend most of the waking hours working at office sitting in front of the glazed screen and typing our fingers away, the Internet and the blessed sites are the only medium for connecting with the outside world and people.


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