The countdown

I practically have no work. I have been without work for this entire week. Just been browsing, modifying my blog, coming up with logos and well just lazying around. Am afraid that if I get some serious work anytime soon, I might find it hard to adjust to it.:) A lot of shopping is still pending for my Singapore trip. And rather than being excited, am finding myself anxious about the whole thing. Maybe it’s got to do with the apprehension of being in a different country all alone. Or maybe it’s because of the cooking that I would have to do there with no one to guide me. Or maybe it’s because of the responsibility that I need to shoulder.

I am excited to visit this country for the second time. Never in my dreams had I thought that I would be visiting any country twice. Once is okay. And this time it is not for only a couple of days; but fifteen whole days. It’s a pretty long time, given that you have no work, no entertainment, no computer and Internet 😦 . But then it would take some effort to survive like this with no communication and no contacts. Am planning to take my diary so that I can jot down things that I find exciting or worth mentioning. Then after coming back, I can blog about it.

From all the experiences that I have heard from people who have lived alone, it seems like a tough thing to be staying alone. I wish I had internet to keep me connected. The countdown begins, one more week to go!


4 thoughts on “The countdown

  1. ish

    Good luck for your trip, I hope you have loads of fun!

    Do you have a laptop, if you do, you can always find some Wifi cafe. There must be loads of them there. Why are you going there, btw?

  2. Maddie Post author

    yea am hoping to have lots of fun. Maybe I will also find a cafe from where I can blog. My Hubby’s got a project there and that’s why am going there.

  3. Maddie Post author

    @Ish: yea..he would be there…but he would be in office for the entire that way am gonna be all alone.. thats why 🙂


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