The frantic weekend

This was the most uptight weekend I had in recent times. I was running round the clock to accomplish things in my schedule and some that weren’t in the schedule. Firstly, parents had gone out for weekend on Friday itself so I was on my own. Friday night I had dinner at an aunt’s place and reached home by bed time. The plan for Saturday was not too optimistic but very tiring. I took the early morning bus to my in-law’s place as against the afternoon bus which I usually take.

I had to collect my visa and tickets from my uncle before going home. It got a bit late, since I had to meet him at his house, and then go to his office to collect the papers. After getting the tickets and visa to Singapore, I headed home by lunch time and I hardly had a couple of hours to pack my stuff before heading back to my parent’s home.

After packing my belongings, my mom-in-law and I fussed over the cooking items that I needed to carry. If you are going to stay away for a long time, then it’s easy to choose things… you choose everything. But if it’s just for 15 days, then its gruelling to contemplate on the items to carry. You keep thinking whether you would really really need it just for 15 days. But when it comes to cooking, you actually need all that stuff with right utensils and accessories. With only half of the things packed, my suitcase already almost reached the capacity limit allowed to carry. But then again almost every item is a must-have.

After deciding that we still need to pack many more items, I left home to take my evening bus. After a kind man helped me load the awful heavy bag onto the bus, I got a call from my cousin asking me whether I would like to join him for Bhootnath. I hadn’t seen any movie in a long time and this seemed a good opportunity. I knew it would be touch and go, however, I still agreed. The plan was to go over to my home and dump my baggage there and then go to the theatre. With the traffic moving at ant’s speed, I reached late. I had to drag my bag all the way through the traffic in the dirty road. Also, there was a jam which meant that getting an auto to my place would be impossible.

I just had 20 mins left before the movie start. My cousin and I then decided to leave the bag at his home and then go for the movie. We carried the bag four floors to his house and then almost ran through the traffic jam to get an auto. We reached the theatre (which is quite far) in a record time of 8 minutes. Since the tickets were booked on-line, we had to collect them at the counter. To our relief, the movie hadn’t started. Even the National Anthem was not yet played.

By the time we came home, I was drop-dead tired. Sipping through our chilled milk-shakes, my cousin, making a very innocent face said, “Did we really have to go to the movie tonight? We could have gone tomorrow.” My aunt and I then hit him with pillows.

Yesterday was hectic too. I shopped and shopped. Still I need to do more shopping. I wonder how am going to carry all these things!


6 thoughts on “The frantic weekend

  1. ish

    Wow, how would have fainted if I had to do all that in one day!

    How was Bhoothnath then? And do they play the National Anthem in theatres? As in everytime before a movie starts? I’ve never seen that happening here.

  2. CK Post author

    @Ish: Yea.. I was also gonna faint! Bhootnath I found is inspired by Oscar Wilde’s “The Canterville Ghost”. The idea that the inhabitants of the house scare the ghost. It was entertaining in the beginning but was dragged towards the end. And yes, they do play the National Anthem before the start of the movie. Only Hindi movie though. I haven’t seen them play it for English movies.

  3. Maddie Post author

    Not an Oscar Wilde movie, but a story written by him. I didn’t know about this Ruskin Bond’s book. I also heard that someone sued the producers of the movie. No originality left!

  4. ish

    Oscar Wilde book, sorry. I don’t know what’s gotten into me.

    Originality is still there yeah but the thing is that people like earning money by suing others now. And it’s relatively easy too because these movies earn so much that the producers don’t mind paying a little amount to go scot free. But that little is a lot for the person who’s suing.

  5. Maddie Post author

    @Ish: I really wonder who these people are who have so much time in the world to sue others and get into the intrecasies with lawyers. Don’t they have anything better to do? And for producers who have so much money, it’s all about reputation at this point as they have deep pockets.


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