Chewing gum

Am out from my deep philosophical mood and back to my old sulky self. It’s because of work mostly. I have ranted enough about it before. But frustrations keeps me going on ranting. I have been working on the same task over the past month, no more than a month now. It should have been ideally over within a week. Recently it dawned on me that the process-challenged client is also incapable at decision-making. Or maybe she doesn’t care at all. She will make me re-work on it for n number of times and then finally when the d-day comes, I need to recreate the whole stuff due to the last minute so called minute changes which suddenly strike her.

I am so bugged with working on it for such a long span that I really give a hoot about the output now. This is not a good thing. It’s like chewing gum after all it’s sweet juices have gone and what remains in your mouth is just the bland taste of the dried up gum. Yeah, that’s right. The work is bland now. I have grown indifferent to it. Am not the type of person who can come up with creative ideas after mulling over a matter for a month! If it doesn’t strike me early it probably never will. I will also lose interest sooner.

The worse part is, I cannot tell her that am fed up with this work now. Just take a damn decision and let this task rest in peace. Forever. The mere idea of working on it again makes me sick. I never wish to open that file again. Alas, but if only miracles happened.


2 thoughts on “Chewing gum

  1. Amit

    I was in this situation for a year. Doing the same thing again n again. Its really irritating when your client is not organized and does not know what he wants.

  2. CK Post author

    Yes exactly. And that affects your work and creativity. It’s specially bad when you are not in the position to educate the client and help him find the solution.


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