When do you say a relationship is over? I am talking of the ones that are close and cherished.

Is it when you part ways and never see each other again? Or is it when you stop talking with each other? Is it when you have unresolved issues yet you decide not to speak out from anger, hurt and insult? Does a relationship get over when you don’t talk with each other though you expect to speak sooner or later all the while fuming over what happened in the past? When is a relationship truly over? What signifies the end? And what exactly do you mean by an end?

I think its the switch in the mind. The end is when you grow indifferent to each other. The matters of the other don’t affect you anymore and when you are not intimately interested in each others affairs. Try as you may to stay unconcerned and uncaring, a small interaction does influence you and the past memories come crowding back. It is a bitter-sweet moment. It is when you smile back at those moments and times you shared together which bring all the more joy when inspected in retrospect. All the incidences good bad equally bring out the same emotions. You get emotional and weary. They totally drain you out of emotional energy.

At times like these, you wish you had created more such memories, had more such moments to cherish and keep safe in your heart. Memories are the only thing that doesn’t change when everything else has changed. You can all the more find more pleasure in memories than while in that actual moment.


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