One more day..

Another unfruitful day has passed. I haven’t done anything constructive. As I had mentioned, I travelled to my in-laws’ place today morning in scorching heat. The heat takes out half your life. After just a couple of weeks, there are many things happening here. The kachcha road in front of our building has been transformed to a concrete one. The construction of five new towers has restarted in full swing. The garden is surprisingly still lush green with grass and trees thanks to the gardener who meticulously waters all the trees and to the sprinklers! This was all I noticed when I came in at around lunch time.

After lunch, I watched the movie “The Recruit” on the computer till the lights went off half way through the movie. It’s a really good spy thriller movie and with great performances by Al Pacino and Colin Farrell. Anyway, so half way through the movie just when it was getting interesting the lights went off. The heat didn’t kill me because we have a generator which keeps at least the fans and few of the lights on. After about an hour the lights were back on and then I got to complete the movie. It was really good to watch a spy thriller after a long time. Somehow these days am getting to watch these suspense thriller type of movies. Just a couple of days back I watched “When a stranger calls”. This movie had been suggested to me by a friend a few days back. However, I mixed it up with the movie “When strangers appear” and had watched that instead. 🙂 Really stupid, that I kept watching it even though I understood that the story didn’t match up with what my friend had told me.

So after watching the movie I didn’t have anything much to do, so I was playing around with the themes and for the moment I liked this one. Though am not sure how long I will stick to this before switching back to my old template. Am gonna watch another movie now, another thriller or mystery for sure!


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