Another week goes by..

It’s a Friday today and I should be feeling great because another boring week at the office is over. But am not. Lately, I have been having these mood swings which make me cheerful at one instance and downright distraught the next. I have been moody since the time I can remember. So I have been having these mood swings lately because of mainly two reasons, one, since my husband has gone to Singapore, life has changed drastically and two, am having these bitter-sweet conversations with my best friend. Once your mind is stretched with ideas and thoughts, its difficult to return and try to be ignorant about it and behave as if nothing happened. Same goes with work, once your capacity is stretched, little or no work puts you off and you tend to ignore it completely.

Well that is what is happening with me. With no intrinsic motivation, am looking for extrinsic motivation and the best place is office since I spend most of my time there. However, work at office is also not that reassuring. Ever since I joined this project, I have been working on the same thing over and over again. The review cycles just don’t seem to end. Every time, the client comes up with new changes and the process is repeated with no one actually putting an end to it. Any work can be revised and improved n number of times specially if it’s writing work. It has no end. It only increases the document versions. Contemporary writing is not that good anyway. Creativity depreciates once you keep on working on the same thing again and again and then you reach a point where you cannot identify the difference between the current document and its older version. So the problem here, is that there is no process in place which deals with the tasks in the project lifecycle. Although the client professes to be open to changes, ideas, and improvement, he really isn’t ready to budge from his existing framework of doing things. So anyway that’s what’s happening in office. I keep pondering over this client’s thought process of continuous reviewing and chewing on the same work. Recently, I have noticed that I am in no mental state to improve my client’s orientation and put their work in proper process to suit our needs that would help improve the project value drastically.

There is nothing special about this coming weekend, not that the last ones were any special either. But still, there used to be so much work that wondering how my weekend is going to be was the last thought on my mind. I haven’t much to do but go over to my in-law’s place tomorrow. That is going to be pretty uneventful, excluding a few conversations over lunch and dinner. It would be even boring since I won’t get to sit in front of the TV all day long. The past couple of weeks had been interesting in this regard as I got to watch some really interesting movies and catch up on a couple of serials that I once watched with interest. Nothing really changes in these tv serials. It’s the same old story but with new characters. Who would want to watch the sad saas-bahu tales after spending a frustrating day in the office and travelling in those can’t-put-my-foot-in crowded trains and walking down home (incase autos are on strike).

How worse can things get? Just heard that the office would be shifting to a new location. Bad news. The new place is not near from either of my homes. It’s right there in between. Am stuck. If all this is any indication that I should be hunting for a new job then thanks god, I do get the hint! Only if finding a new job would be so easy as finding results on google!

So, anyway, I need to stop blabbering now and get back to work.


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