Still traffic voes

Am writing consistently on traffic I know, but that’s the major thing happening in my life right now. Traffic just happens to you, you don’t create it, you don’t deliberately go into it. It just builds around you. I have finally made peace with it. I know am going to encounter it during my travel hours and I know its going to exasperate me.

But nowadays, the jammed vehicles do not bore me. My attention is now diverted to the way the vehicles are driven. My bus driver has an eternal urgency to drive ahead of others and he wouldn’t look left right or center while overtaking. Our bus goes so close to the other buses, trucks and cars that I wonder whether I am sitting in my own bus or the bus next to me. Every minute I dread of colliding into the other vehicles. I used to sleep earlier while traveling but now am in a perpetual state of trepidation.


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