A rare moment

Just when I thought my life couldn’t get any more mundane and boring, I had one of the most exciting weekends. I had gone out of town with my husband and parents to meet my grandmother and my cousin brother who had flied down from US as part of his yearly vacation.

My brother works as an associate professor in Duke University. To say he is intelligent and above average would mean to insult his intelligence. He is brilliant and outstanding and all other intellectual adjectives you can think of.

My every visit to his place whenever he comes to India leaves me inspired, motivated, happy and energetic. It broadens my perspective, makes me look at things in a larger perspective. Apart from being zapped by his intelligence, I have learnt many things from him over the past. To have a positive approach towards life, to be optimistic, to attack any problem head on, to avoid procrastination and to be happy and content. Though I have seen all these qualities in him, I haven’t adopted them all. However, am always left with a sense of awe after I meet him. It is like facing bright light after being in the deep darkness. It is refreshing.

He has a son who’s just about 8 and has inherited the intellectual genes from his father. MY nephew is demonstrative of his qualities though. He is able to perform complex mathematical calculations in a fraction of a second. If you tell him your birth date, he will tell you what day it falls on in this year in a jiffy. He has an amazingly extensive vocabulary for his age.

This was such positive stimulant to my otherwise monotonous life; it left me pondering why I indulge myself in petty issues, inconsequential matters and self-imposed sorrow, when there are so many positive things to look for in life.  


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