This is a first for me! Tagged for the first time! And am more than excited to oblige.

Here are 8 facts about me (are facts supposed to be true?)

1. I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder for checking my reader updates, browsing websites and blogs. Am suffering from Internet addiction. L

2. I constantly have a sense of de-ja-vu

3. I am a perfectionist and have to have things in order. I cannot delegate as I feel others will mess up and won’t do it as good as me.

4. I am an eternal pessimist. But that took years of practice to actually think about a negative outcome and feel elated when something positive happens; no matter how small.

5. I am a huge fan of Lata Mangeshkar. The day doesn’t pass if I don’t listen to a single song of hers.

6. I have an aversion for people whose English is incorrect or not up to the mark. (I know it’s weird.)

7. I bite my nails when am anxious.

8. I hate hypocrites.

I can go on but am supposed to restrict till 8!

Thanks Mats.

Am tagging




One response to “Tagged!

  1. Mat March 27, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    Hey quick response…Good job!

    i’m right there with you on point 6!!! But for me, it’s just not English… I hate people who never take effort to use the correct form of language.
    and no, it’s not weird.

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