It was one of those days that I want to take out from my life. It was pathetic. It was depressing. It was horrible.

I reached late at office.

I had to attend an impromptu client call, which lasted long.

I left late from office.

The traffic was unbelievable; add to it, loud honking, pollution and hot air coming through the window.

I reached home at 10 by which time I was dead-tired, famished and irritable.

There was shooting pain in my back. I took medicine but no effect. Guess my body has become immune to those pain-killers by now.

My husband had a client call from 11 to past 12; I don’t know how long it lasted that kept me awake past midnight.

I woke up today still half-asleep tidying up and trudging along like a zombie. I have dark circles around my eyes.

My condition now is such that am not fully aware and not asleep; am stuck somewhere in between.

I have a terrible headache and body ache.

I have loads of work, which I have to deliver today.

I am feeling annoyed with anything and everything.

My brain has turned into a ticking bomb, which at the slightest provocation will go off, and whoever is in front of me will be at the receiving end of my uncontrolled temper.

I hate the world and everything in it.

I need therapy.


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