Of movies, books and cooking

Well, keeping with my trend of posting daily, here goes. I want to stop wallowing in self-guilt, so, I’ll ramble about how I spent my weekend.

I watched Valu (the wild bull). It’s a Marathi movie about how a wild bull in a certain interior village in Maharashtra is harassing its villagers. It is a one theme movie that takes you to the interiors of a village in Maharashtra and aptly portrays the lifestyle, language, and attitude of those people. The most endearing thing in this movie is its characters. It’s highly recommended as a must watch. I also watched Gangajal (yeah yeah.. I don’t go into the kitchen and don’t work!) Did you check out who that gal was doing the item number? Wait…Maanyata!! Apna munnabhai’s wife (?) It’s of course a very good movie.

Apart from being glued to the idiot box, I tried to develop my culinary skills. I prepared Schezwan Prawns Crack Rolls and Schezwan Chicken Fried Rice. Ok, it’s not all that difficult if you have the Schezwan sauce ready at your disposal, (which by the way, my aunt was so kind to have prepared and given me). So one up, to impress my in-laws and to win a man’s heart through his stomach!!

Oh and how could I miss, I have been reading Jane Eyre!


2 thoughts on “Of movies, books and cooking

  1. Mat

    Jane Eyre!! You must be living in a magical time now then!!! Whenever I read that book, I totally lose myself and it’s hard to come back to present day world.

  2. CK Post author

    Yes, you are right. It’s magical. There is always this Jane’s point of view to everything. She has a firm mind though she is socially challenged. That doesn’t diminish her spirits! I have just begun and am all eager to read it savouring every chapter.


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