Murky Mondays

How I wish to wipe off Mondays off from the calendar! What you do on Mondays sets the tone for the week, literally. The week starts off on a high note if you have lots of work from Monday. That way you are charged up and geared to work hard all day long. This feeling then continues throughout the week. No doubt you may get boggled down with all that work but it does keep you going and makes you productive. You get that feeling of satisfaction and contentedness.

However, if you do not have enough work on your table from the week start, it is just a long dragging day and dragging week. It makes you lazy and laid back. You wish for the week to get over and return to your haven over the weekend.

The point am trying to make is that one should have work from the very first day of the week to get the momentum and keep it going for the entire week.


Have spent a totally futile unproductive day browsing the web and reading on-line novels
A cheap substitute for work was staring at a presentation regarding which I have a client call in the evening (in two hours to be precise)
Wrote mails to my colleagues, chatted with buddies and posted crap such as this


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