Nostalgia of work

Most of my colleagues from our group are working on projects abroad and as such our little group has split. The small chats, coffee breaks, sharing project work and laughing over jokes is highly missing. All of us are affected by nostalgia of the past work, projects and late night sittings. What follows is long mails with subjects like “good old days..” “Those were the days”.

How we get so wrapped up in the past! Things always look so different and so good in retrospect. Working on tight schedules and deadlines and pressure from the boss is a pain in the neck at the time we experience it. But looking back, it brings a smile on our face. Those late nights, those night outs, how we cracked up the bug just before delivery, the one line appreciation mail from the client in the midst of heavy workload.

The memories of things that led to sleepless nights and tensed working days are the most fondly looked on. The worst of the workload and pressure situations brought the best out of the group. We thrived on challenges thrown at us. We came up with innovative strategies, plans and processes to turnaround messy projects and deal with cranky clients.

The appreciation and the good work that came out of it was what set us ticking to do some more. It was some of the best examples of team work where in ideas and strategies were created by brain-storming that too late in the night or while having lunch in the canteen. When it worked, you could never make out who came up with it? It was always the group, the combination of intellect, communication, skills and the burning desire to prove your work and give the best of what you have.

We knew we were put in the burning hot pot of fire to turn us into gold. We miss the pot (projects), the fire (messy work, client, deadlines, estimations, allocations, etc) and the gold (all of us who are now situated at different locations on the map.

Never split a winning team! L


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