This is so bizarre

Or hilarious? A woman stuck on a toilet seat, not for an hour or a day but for two complete years! It’s absolutely incredulous. I didn’t know whether to laugh after reading this or just shake my head in disbelief. But Stuck? No glue, no tapes not tied down, just plain stuck. The report said her skin actually grew around the seat. So not only did she not get up from the seat she didn’t even move. Got herself welded!!

Is this woman crazy? Did she get a stroke? What’s her mental state? I find her boyfriend crazy too for apparently he waited for two whole years to call for help when he found something wrong with his girlfriend.

What was she thinking? Did she not find it weird? She definitely isn’t normal. The report says that she went through a troubled childhood where she was kept inside the house most of the time.

How the mind deteriorates when one is subject to injustice, pain, violence, abuse and detrimental circumstances.


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