Basking in love

I spent a long relaxed morning in the beauty parlour. It was so very peaceful. I have been going to this parlour for more than a couple of years now. The head beautician who owns the parlour is rather sweet, especially on me, I think. She spent a little more time than usual working on my facial giving me an extra massage.

How sweetly all people treat you once you are married. It was like her daughter had come home and she was giving her a nice massage. Your people whom you knew before marriage are rather sweet on you and take that special extra effort to treat you and make you comfortable. They will tend to fuss over you a little more than required. There is this extra bit of attention, concern and thoughtfulness. And being a woman you can always make that out. These people have this “I-understand-have-been-through-it-all” look in their eyes when they hear you talking. I think it reminds them of their own past and how it was for them.

It is like basking in the love of all these people and it feels like you have just got so many “mothers” looking after you. It is amazing to feel so loved and cared for.


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