I am finally at home and writing this sitting at my very own PC. It just feels great. My home, my bed, my PC, my things which are kept just the way I left them and just they way I want them to be.

Old habits die hard. I was amazed to find myself so at ease working my way around at home. It was as if I hadn’t been at my in-laws’ place at all. It was so very relaxing to come home and just lie down and leave all the rest to mum. Dear god of all good things! I came home, changed, freshened up and just lied on the bed. Mum was taking care of my things. It’s so good to have someone finish up after you; specially when it’s mum who’s doing the stuff.

I wondered why I felt all the more sleepy after coming here, it’s because I feel more relaxed physically and mentally.


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