The positive side of travelling

Yesterday evening, I again spent 2 and a half hours travelling. It was pure torture. The constant honking and the pollution was getting on my nerves. To add to this, the driver wanted to listen to the radio full on which further added to already rising anxiety.

Finally, I plugged in my iPod, tied my favourite scarf and tried to get some sleep. Sleep…aah, how very relaxing that was. The only good thing that I find in all this traveling is the amount of sleep I get to catch up on. It’s not like the deep slumber of night. It’s light, often interrupting but is sleep!

Now, I look forward to the traveling in the car to get some sleep while listening to the soft songs in the background, and gather my thoughts for the day and make up my mood. After marriage, life had become suddenly fuller with no time or space for me. This traveling time is time alone with me; to reflect on the day that passed, to muse, to feel serene, and to take in the morning sunshine, to feel the cool air, to just relax and be me! I like it most when one of my favourite songs plays on the radio channel and I keep humming along. It is pure bliss!


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