Do you believe in reincarnation?

I am pretty bored right now. There’s not much work and am running out of sites to browse. It’s still two hours until I leave the office. I am hungry, sleepy and just plain bored. Actually, there is this book by Dr. Brain Weiss, Same Soul Many Bodies, that I have been reading and I am very eager to finish it.

A psychotherapist, Dr. Brain Weiss, is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School. He is Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. I read his books, Many Lives, Many Masters and Only Love is Real and was fascinated. I did not believe in reincarnation or past lives but after reading his book, I developed faith in the concept.

In his books, he lays down the experiences of his patients whom he has regressed and the positive effects of these sessions on them. His theory is that, all of us have experienced past lives and will experience future ones too. What we do in this life will influence our future life. He has used past-life therapy on many patients and has been able to cure the patients of their anxiety, anger, phobias and physical ailments.

What we go through in this life is typically an after-effect of what we were in past lives. Our souls need to learn the lessons of compassion, love, harmony and empathy. We go through lives and experiences where we have either failed or learned and evolved. Dr Weiss has regressed many patients and relieved them of their physical ailments such as chronic back pains, neck pains, fear of water, heights and so on.

There has been criticism on whether what a person sees in his hypnotic state is actually true or just a figment of his imagination or an illusion. Whether it is realism or just a fantasy, his patients have shown remarkable improvement in their condition.

The more I read of his books, firmer grows my belief that past lives exist. I get more curious to find out about my own past lives that might help me become more content and satisfied.

humare baad ab mehfil mein afasaane bayaan honge..
bahaare humko dhoondegi najaane hum kaha honge..


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