Baby Delights

I couldn’t post yesterday because well I was busy…resting at home and spending time with me best friend from school. She had come down to her mother’s place before traveling to UK for a year with her husband. I don’t know when I’ll be meeting her next.

I had decided to visit her and then go to office. But she and her mom didn’t let me go. I ended up spending the entire day with her and her small baby. It was so very relaxing. Spending time with the baby reminded me of all the simple things in life that we forget to enjoy after growing up:

  • Getting baffled after looking at yourself in the mirror
  • Having small meals at regular intervals
  • Enjoying a nice meal
  • Taking a nap after a meal
  • Playing with anything you can get your hands on
  • Smiling often
  • Loving without ego
  • Letting others know you need help
  • Asking for a hug
  • Being curious.. about everything
  • Expressing freely without fear

3 thoughts on “Baby Delights

  1. CK Post author

    Hey, Thanks for checking out my blog regularly and more so for commenting!

    I think we should keep a day aise to behave like a baby would. That would put the fun right back into life!

  2. Pooja Pillai

    And lets not forget the most important thing of all; the thing that we lose and we hardly ever realize it…the ability to enjoy stories, whether we’re telling them or listening to them.


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