The getaway

It was a couple of weeks back on a Friday; I was sitting at my desk bored with no work. It was soon after lunchtime and I was waiting for the clock to strike 6 so that I could go home. It was then that it struck me…the adventurer in me saw an opportunity. I made some silly excuse at office and left. I was going to a mall to browse through some books and watch the latest movie.

At around 2 pm, I reached the mall and stood in the line to buy the ticket. Alas! The tickets were all sold out since it was a hit movie. I went to the huge bookstore next to the ticket counter. I had heard that this was a huge store with all types of books. My excitement knew no bounds as I lazily strolled from section to section, read the names of all my favourite authors and found books that I wanted to read from a long time.

The best part was, I could pick up any book, sit on a comfortable couch and read it. No compulsion to buy it! How lovely. I browsed through all the sections from science fiction to children’s poetry to books on weaving and candle making. I finally sat down with my favourite mystery writer’s book at the cafe inside the store drinking a hot cup of coffee.

The thrill of it all lied in the fact that no one at home, not even my hubby, knew about this escapade of mine. I sat there for more than three hours finishing the book. I returned home at the normal time with a couple of my favourite books tucked away nicely in my bag.

The intention was not to deceive…but to find peace. To feel free to be myself, do as I wish and be where I want to be. Lately I had been feeling trapped in the day to day chores of life, obliging responsibilities at home and at work. This experience gave me the much needed sense of peace and freedom…to just be..


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