The late night movie last night didn’t go down well. Thank goodness that I didn’t get an acidity attack this morning. The lack of sleep over the weekdays has a compounded effect on my sleep and last night just added to it. I got up feeling like a zombie. Am walking around half asleep and now even my eyelids are paining at the slightest movement. My eyes are red, swollen, and watery. I also have a mild headache.

Am racking my brains to create a proper sleep timetable but to no avail. The crazy working hours that my husband and I put in hardly leave us with any time for each other and we end up staying up late at night catching up on the events of the day. This adds to the frustration. Also, I don’t find time to read my books and listen to music as much as I did earlier. Life isn’t as spaced out as it was once.

I had a strange dream that I was running after my best friend through the fields and kept getting obstructed by cattle on my way. He was near at first and within reachable distance but slowly as the dream progressed, he went fay away from my reach, slowly fading out of my sight. I remember feeling sad and disheartenend when I woke up. Is this a sign that he would go away from my life?


2 thoughts on “Sleep

  1. Mathi

    ok firstly.. cool template!!!
    if ur a software engineer… forget trying to live sanely! and if your spouse is one too… forget trying to have ‘quality family time’ everyday!!!

  2. CK Post author

    Thanks…but which template are you referring to? I changed the template quite a few times before settling for this dusky one!
    Am not exactly a software engineer but into IT consulting and so is my husband. And you are right, family time is out of window!


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