It has been a while now, since our company announced its restructuring plan. Only yesterday we got to know its implications on our department. Sadly, our group would be dissolved and we would be absorbed individually into other groups.

It is close to three years now since the time I joined this company. This has been my first job. I am filled with nostalgia. I remember my first day at this office, what I was wearing, how I had travelled. I remember how I had worked hard on all my projects. I remember how fulfilling and accomplished I felt when each of the projects got over. All those projects and all that hard work made me feel rewarding and proficient. I feel so overwhelmed for this company which allowed me to grow as a person professionally and personally.

I remember the times when, during some crunched projects, I felt frustrated and wished that I left this job for good. Now remembering those times, brings a smile on my face. I never realised how much I loved working here. I feel a part of me is left inside every project every task I worked for. It is present in every document I made, every call I attended, each decision I took, every team I worked with. It is there somewhere, this intangible asset, or this intangible thing. The interesting times have passed.

We were a small group then. Most of my colleagues and now my best friends with whom I have worked extensively have already left this company. Every time someone left, I was filled with longing, wishing for the times to return. I am not leaving my job at this moment but it is bound to happen in the near future.

Here, I sit at my desk, close my eyes and let all memories wash over me.


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